Work Orders or Field Sheets?

Whether you call them field sheets or work orders, they’re the first step in your serves. SimplServe creates them for you, automatically

Pressing the  button (work order / field sheet) brings the field sheet into view (tap to view larger):

Here’s what the full form looks like:


But before you have a field sheet, you need to put a paper into the system.


We call this , and we’ve built in some features to make it fast!

– Dates and Court Case –

First off, entering dates, you skip the slashes, just type 052018 for example – SimplServe formats it for you, and jumps forward to the next field.

The court case number is automatically capitalized – just keep typing in lowercase:


– Plaintiff, Paper Type, Agent and Client –

After typing the plaintiff, we come to the paper type, the client, and the server.

All of these are handled by just typing – no need to go to the mouse!

I type sc for the paper type, the program jumps to the client, I type p for pro se, then h for Hank Schraeder.

This thing is quick!


– Defendants –

Let’s talk defendants.

Serving a husband and wife at the same address? See how SimplServe automatically fills in the info for defendant 2 as you type defendant 1.

No 2nd defendant? Just TAB from the 2nd defendant first name, and it all gets cleared out.

Oh yeah, and it’s all capitalized automatically for you. Just type all lowercase and you’re golden.


– Special Server Instructions –

Lastly maybe you want to add a note for your server:


And with that, SimplServe generates your field sheet, automatically.

– Oops, we made a mistake –

One of the great things about SimplServe is how changes are immediately visible.

Example: we are changing the plaintiff for this paper. See how the field sheet automatically updates:


Everything works this way in SimplServe – Affidavits, Invoices, and the FOI form – make a change, see it immediately.

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