[su_heading size=”28″]Why SimplServe?[/su_heading]

Because a process serving program should be blazing fast, trivially easy to learn and use, and not get in the way of your business.

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What does it do?

SimplServe manages all the process serves moving through your office [su_divider top=”no”]


Why choose SimplServe?

Spend your time finding clients and serving papers, not learning a complicated program! [su_divider top=”no”] Forget downloading and installing software, setting up a server in your office (huh?), or worrying about backing up data. Sign up for SimplServe, enter some initial info, and you’ll be putting on papers and printing your first field sheet in under 15 minutes.

  • It’s fast – put a paper on in under a minute
  • It’s modern – nothing to install. Nothing to backup. Yeah, it’s that ‘cloud’ thing. No WORRIES!
  • It’s in rapid development mode – improvements and features coming QUICKLY
  • It’s easy to learn and use – forget hunting through confusing menus!
  • Get up and running in MINUTES, not hours


[su_heading size=”28″]SimplServe regular pricing options – all include 1st 30 papers free[/su_heading]

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[su_heading size=”34″]The SimplServe Story[/su_heading]



I’m John Runchey, creator of SimplServe.

Three things converged to inspire the creation of SimplServe:

  • A horrible Chicago suburb commute to my engineering job that was driving me absolutely mad. 355 south at 5pm and 30 miles per hour. Just shoot me, please!
  • Hearing people’s frustrations with the existing solutions – It seemed everyone I talked to was either switching vendors, had just switched vendors, or just plain wasn’t very happy.  A process server in Chicago I was talking to summed it up – “I use (other product) …pause…. It’s kinda clunky
  • My wife’s process serving business that was still running off a program written for DOS back in the 1980’s. Can you say living on borrowed time?
I kept coming back to the idea that the time was now to take the leap from corporate life.
I considered getting a job at Costco, maybe looking for an engineering job with a better commute, or selling my services as a consultant.
  • “I use (other product) …pause…. It’s kinda clunky
The need was out there. I love to learn and create. 
If not now, when? 

So in September 2016 I said goodbye to my well-paid engineering job, and began the long slog of creating something awesome.

But the real inspiration for SimplServe begins earlier, way earlier, back in the 1980’s…

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air…”

3 friends, Hotel California drifting out over the death valley evening from the goldwing’s tape player – this was Ray Matesevac’s 40th birthday, and they were on a trip to remember.


At some point, the conversation turned to Ray’s private detective business. “You know, Ray, you should put your process serving stuff on computer”

“What do I know about computers?”

“You know process serving, I know computers – together we can create something awesome”

The details of that conversation are lost to history, but Ray was eventually convinced it was a good idea – “But it’s got to be easy to use, easy enough for any process server to use without learning a bunch of computer stuff”.

Fast forward a year or three, and Ray, with the help of his programmer friend Dennis, had a functional program. 

Back to the present day, and while Ray is sadly no longer with us, his little DOS program written in Data-Ease lives on, used daily by my wife, Tammy, who continued on the business when her husband Ray passed away.

Me, back in 2012, I lost my wife to heart failure, 4 days before Ray met a similar fate. Some point after that I met Tammy, and well, ….

Funny how life works out sometimes. 

I saw how fast Tammy was with this program – elegant simplicity. No mouse, just blasting papers on using the keyboard. 

My mission was set:

My program will bring the simplicity of this old DOS program to the modern world – efficient, fast, SIMPLE to learn and use. 

No pointing and clicking with confusing menus.

It will FLOW with your business, just like papers flow through your office.

30 some odd years ago, Tammy and Ray were working on their first DOS program, hashing out bugs and making it fit their business.

Today, Tammy and I are doing the same with SimplServe. 

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s modern – no backups, no installation.

Create field sheets, affidavits and invoices with ease. FOI forms at the touch of a button. Simple reconciliation for client checks.

And of course, it’s really easy to get started.

SimplServe, dedicated to the memory of Ray Matesevac.




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[su_heading size=”28″]Pricing[/su_heading]

SimplServe offers pricing plans for every level, from the zero base cost [su_highlight]Pay-as-you-go [/su_highlight] pricing on up to affordable plans for the larger office.

Just starting out? Keep your costs low and only pay for the papers you serve. As you grow, switch to the next plan when it makes sense, [su_highlight]without a big jump in cost.[/su_highlight]

Q: How does pay-as-you-go work? Are you charging my credit card for every 95 cent paper?

A: No, we’ll bill you in any month that your usage goes above $20. In any month that you put on less than $20 worth of papers, your balance will just roll forward to the following month(s) until you owe at least $20 – so you’ll never get a bill for less than 20 bucks.

All plans start out with 30 papers FREE to give you a chance to see if SimplServe is right for you.

Click the free trial button to give it a spin – all it takes is an email address, no software to install. You’ll be up and running in minutes!

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